Vinyl Extrusion Equipment

PDF Embossing-Machines (PDF – 146KB)

PDF Water-Dip-Cooling-Systems (PDF – 149KB)

PDF Cooling-Rolls (PDF – 127KB)

PDF Calibrators-or-Sizers (PDF – 109KB)

PDF Water-Tank (PDF – 154KB)

PDF Air-Knife-System (PDF – 158KB)

PDF Nail-Hole-Punch (PDF – 137KB)

PDF Weep-Hole-Punch (PDF – 149KB)

PDF Puller (PDF – 155KB)

PDF Cut-Off-Press (PDF – 136KB)

PDF Cut-Off-Dies (PDF – 130KB)

PDF Rotary-Scrap-Cutter (PDF – 114KB)

PDF Soffit-Venting-Machines (PDF – 271KB)

PDF Semi-Automatic—Totally-Automatic-Packaging (PDF – 720KB)


PLC programming
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control Systems Engineered and Built

Safety Guarding Options

Labels that warn of missing guards
OSHA standards
Proper fusing and grounding
Safety color coded parts
Safety disconnects for all sources of power
Safety interlocks on critical guards

Other Features

All stainless steel water plumbing
Forklift straps on the frames
Powder coating
Rail mounted machinery
Stainless steel guards



Industries Served

Vinyl Siding
Gas Meter
1st Tier Automotive

Equipment Specifications

Hurco VM-30 Vertical CNC Milling Center

20 Station Tool Magazine
10,000 RPM Spindle
Travel of X-Axis 50″
Y-Axis 20″
Z-Axis 20″

Mori Seiki MV-45 Vertical CNC Milling Center

24 Station Tool Magazine
Travel: X-Axis 30″, Y-Axis 17.7″, Z-Axis 19.7″

Mori Seiki MV-55 Vertical Milling Center

24 Station Tool Magazine
Travel: X-Axis 40″, Y-Axis 21.7″, Z-Axis 21.7″

Mitsubishi Model FX20 - Wire EDM

Auto Wire Feed
Axes: 4
Maximum Weight: 1764 lbs
Work Envelope: X-Axis 19.2, Y-Axis 13.8, Z-Axis 11.8

Mitsubishi Model DWC110 C2 - Wire EDM

Axes: 4
Maximum Weight: 1100 lbs
Work Envelope: X-Axis 11.8, Y-Axis 17.7, Z-Axis 10.0

Elox Model Q - Wire EDM

Axes: 4
Maximum Weight: 660 lbs
Work Envelope: X-Axis 13.8, Y-Axis 19.5, Z-Axis 7.0

Elox Model L - Wire EDM

Axes: 4
Maximum Weight: 352 lbs
Work Envelope: X-Axis 9.8, Y-Axis 13.7, Z-Axis 7.0