A customer came to us with a part, shaped like the letter ‘U’, that they needed to be formed from a flat strip. They wanted two machines, one to form the blank into the U shape and another to punch the holes and bend the end of one side.

The challenge with the first machine was to make it capable of forming three different material sizes. The different material sizes responded to forming differently, so the mandrels used had to be different sizes and the process of changing the machine over needed to be quick.

Using color coded parts that changed out as an assembly, we were able to make it quick and easy for the operator to change. The second machine needed to punch two holes in one side, a single hole in the other side and bend the end of one side. Contact K-Ter Imagineering today for more information.


Product Description

A set of machines, one to form the part from a blank and the second to punch holes and finish forming the part.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

We designed the new machines in 3D Cad and then produced our own set of prints for our internal manufacturing needs, some of which were then processed with CAM software to develop CNC programs used to run the parts. We also designed and wired the controls in house.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

We used manual and CNC mills, lathes, and Wire EDM to make all the parts. We also had weldments that were welded in house.


Improved the rate of production and improved the quality of the parts.


The first machine used a pneumatically powered rack and pinion mechanism to form the part around a mandrel with a roller. Upon completion of the cycle, the part is automatically ejected into a collection bin.

The second machine uses hydraulic cylinders coupled with slide plates to punch the parts and form the end. Parts are loaded into a magazine manually, but from the magazine the machine automatically slides the part into position, clamps it into place so it can’t move while it is punched and then discharges it to a receptacle.

Overall Part Dimensions

Machine 1 : 24″W x 32″L x 12″T Mounted on a steel table
Machine 2 : 4’W x 4’L x 3’T

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Mild and Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Tool Steels, Powdered Metal.

Material Finish

Powder Coating

Industry for Use

Gas Meters


One Part Every 3.5 Seconds

Delivery Location


Standards Met


Product Name

Pierce and Form Machine