K-Ter Imagineering Inc. custom designed this ice cream bucket assembly machine, then leveraged our metal manufacturing skills to produce the prototype and five production units.

The customer had larger machines for assembling three-gallon paper ice cream containers, but needed a smaller version that is mobile, and fits through a standard 36″ door.

We designed an all new machine that features a two-station indexer, an innovative new clamping system, as well as a simple integrated part ejector. For service purposes, it integrates many of the parts that are also common to much larger machines.

At the first station, the operator can load the parts, while at the second station, a sleeve is simultaneously pressed into the lip-ring while the bottom is heat-sealed.

We leveraged our manual and CNC milling, lathe turning and hand assembly manufacturing capabilities. The units, which assemble and package six ice cream buckets per minute, were delivered to our client in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Product Description

This system is used to assemble three-gallon paper ice cream containers.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

We designed the new machine in 3D Cad and then produced our own set of prints for our internal manufacturing needs, some of which were then processed with CAM software to develop CNC programs used to run the parts. Manual and CNC milling, lathe turning, hand assembly.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

We used manual and CNC mills, lathes, and Wire EDMs to make all the parts. We also had weldments that we welded in house.


Fit Through a Standard 36″ Door
2 Station Indexer
Integrated Part Ejector
Innovative New Clamping System
Integrated Many Parts Common to the Larger Machine for Service Purposes


One station for the operator to load and unload parts
a second station where the sleeve is simultaneously pressed into the lip ring while the bottom is heat sealed

Overall Part Dimensions

32.5″W x 52″D x 72.5″T

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Lexan, Aluminum Bronze

Material Finish

Anodize plating, Powder Coating

Industry for Use

Ice Cream Industry
Dairy Industry


Six Buckets Per Minute

Delivery/Turnaround Time

Seven months for the prototype, four months for five production units.

Delivery Location

Kansas City, MO

Product Name

Ice Cream Bucket Assembly Machine

Why did you choose this project to showcase?

This is a great example of our ability to work together with the customer, integrating their existing designs with new concepts, to develop a custom solution to their needs and make them successful.