A producer of Acrylic sheet saw the Rotary Scrap Cutter that we offer to the vinyl siding industry on our web site and called us to see if it could be used to chop up the scrap material that they cut off the edges of the Acrylic sheet stock that they produce.

Unfortunately, the standard machine was not suitable, so we decided to design and build a custom machine for the application. The edge trimmings can range in thickness anywhere from 1/16″ up to 1/2″ and be anywhere from one to fifteen inches wide.

The thinner the sheet the faster it runs. Their operators struggled to keep up when they had to handle the edge trimmings by hand and because of the wide variety of lengths they had trouble storing the scrap. They also had difficulty maximizing the containers that they use to ship the scrap out to a recycler. By developing a pair of chopping machines, one for each side of the line, they could collect all the scrap in Gaylord bins that stack up and fill the containers perfectly and the operators are able to focus all their energy on the good product. Contact us today to learn more.


Product Description

A machine assembly consisting of two choppers, product conveyors and a scrap conveyor.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

We designed the new machine in 3D Cad and then produced our own set of prints for our internal manufacturing needs, some of which were then processed with CAM software to develop CNC programs used to run the parts.

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

We used manual and CNC mills, lathes, and Wire EDMs to make all the parts. We also had weldments that were welded in house.


Made the operators job easier and allowed them to focus more on inspection of the materials.
Chopping the edge trimmings into small pieces maximized what could be put in a shipping container for recycling.


The choppers are hydraulically operated scissor-like mechanisms that cut progressively from the outside edges in. Part of the design included blade inserts that can be sharpened by grinding and reinstalled without having to make any machine adjustments.

The chopper assemblies are mounted on rails so they can be positioned as needed to work with a wide range of sheet widths. The chip conveyor is a conventional metal working chip conveyor.

Overall Part Dimensions

12’W x 10″L x 50″T

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Mild and Stainless Steels, Powdered Metals, Tool Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Conveyors.

Material Finish

Powder Coating

Industry for Use

Producer of Acrylic Sheet Stock


Capable of chopping the edge trimmings at rates between 10 and 250 feet per minute into pieces no longer than 12″.

Delivery/Turnaround Time

Four Months From Receipt of Order to Delivery

Delivery Location


Standards Met


Product Name

Trim Chopping Machine