Packaging Equipment Configurations

Fully Automatic

Integrated Machines

Box End Closing Machine
Box Erecting Table
Packing Conveyor
Sorting Table

Sorting Table Capabilities

Orientates panel either face up or face down according to stacking requirements
Receives the panel from the cut off machine and moves it toward the operator

Packing Conveyor Capabilities

Conveys filled box to next machine while hot gluing the long edge of box
Folds box with packer’s assistance reducing repetitive motion
Pulls stack of panels toward operator reducing the operators reaching motion
Reduces glue usage and mess

Box End Closing Machine Capabilities

Folds and seals ends of five panel end fold box
Positions box for proper orientation for palletizing

Palletizer Capabilities

Allows users to use different size pallets and/or racks
Picks up completed boxes and places them on the pallet in assorted arrangements
Provides location of pallets
Stores completed boxes while filled pallet is removed and empty pallet is installed
User interface allows operator to scroll to correct program based on product

Box Erecting Table Capabilities

Eliminates repetitive stress injuries, while improving box quality
Erects and over bends tube boxes up to 25′ long
Only two adjustments to change box sizes

Machining Capabilities

CNC Vertical Machining
Welding and Fabrication
Wire EDM

Design and Engineering Capabilities

2 Seats CAM
5 Seats CAD
Solidworks 2012
MasterCam 16

Industries Served

Vinyl Siding
Gas Meter
1st Tier Automotive

Equipment Specifications

Hurco VM-30 Vertical CNC Milling Center

20 Station Tool Magazine
10,000 RPM Spindle
Travel of X-Axis 50″
Y-Axis 20″
Z-Axis 20″

Mori Seiki MV-45 Vertical CNC Milling Center

24 Station Tool Magazine
Travel: X-Axis 30″, Y-Axis 17.7″, Z-Axis 19.7″

Mori Seiki MV-55 Vertical Milling Center

24 Station Tool Magazine
Travel: X-Axis 40″, Y-Axis 21.7″, Z-Axis 21.7″

Mitsubishi Model FX20 - Wire EDM

Auto Wire Feed
Axes: 4
Maximum Weight: 1764 lbs
Work Envelope: X-Axis 19.2, Y-Axis 13.8, Z-Axis 11.8

Mitsubishi Model DWC110 C2 - Wire EDM

Axes: 4
Maximum Weight: 1100 lbs
Work Envelope: X-Axis 11.8, Y-Axis 17.7, Z-Axis 10.0