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Modifying Existing Machinery for Increased Yield, Safety and Quality

Air Knife for Parts Drying System
Air Knife for Parts Drying System
Billet Furnace Feeding System
Billet Furnace Feeding System
Box Erecting Table for forming pre glued tube boxes
Box Erecting Table for forming pre glued tube boxes
Cantilever Cooling Rolls
Cantilever Cooling Rolls
Molded Ring Stacking Machine
Molded Ring Stacking Machine
Rotary Plasma Torch Cutting System
Rotary Plasma Torch Cutting System

Here at K-Ter Imagineering Inc., our goal is to provide you with new solutions to make your production easier, safer and more profitable. We have provided many upgrades, repairs and modifications to various manufacturers’ equipment to give them significant increases in production. Imagineering allows us to provide you with improved ergonomic features, to make the operation easier and safer, improving employee retention and satisfaction while boosting productivity at the same time.

Our machinery modification services are open for all types of automation projects, be it adding a totally new machine/method or modifying an existing operation. For instance, if you need to increase the effectiveness of your existing packaging system or replace an ineffective machine with a new one, we can do it for you. K-TER has helped many customers increase their line speed as well as decrease scrap and down time.

Past customers have included the United States Postal Service, CertainTeed, Owens Corning, FAG Bearing, Henkel to name a few. We pride ourselves on our commitment to satisfying your needs!

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Past Projects

Manufacturing a Fully Automated Packaging System for the Vinyl Siding IndustryManufacturing a Fully Automated Packaging System for the Vinyl Siding Industry   Custom Fabricated Packaging MachineryCustom Fabricated Packaging Machinery   Custom Packaging Machinery / Ring Stacking MachineCustom Packaging Machinery / Ring Stacking Machine   Custom Trim Chopping MachineCustom Trim Chopping Machine   Custom Fabricated Pierce and Form MachineCustom Fabricated Pierce and Form Machine

Existing Machine Modification Capabilities

Automation Electrical
PLC programming
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control Systems Engineered and Built
Safety Guarding Options
Labels that warn of missing guards
OSHA standards
Proper fusing and grounding
Safety color coded parts
Safety disconnects for all sources of power
Safety interlocks on critical guards
Other Features
All stainless steel water plumbing
Forklift straps on the frames
Powder coating
Rail mounted machinery
Stainless steel guards
Custom Specialty Machines
Gas Meter Assembly & Inspection
Automotive Head Liner & Seat Assembly
Ice Cream Bucket Assembly Machine
Assembly Capability 10,000 Sq. Ft. of Assembly Space
Design and Engineering Capabilities 2 Seats CAM
5 Seats CAD
Solidworks 2012
MasterCam 16
Machining Capabilities
CNC Vertical Machining
Welding and Fabrication
Wire EDM
Part Specifications Milling: 20" x 50"
Surface Grinding: Up To 12" x 24"
Turning: Up To 21" Diameter x 80" Long
Industries Served
Vinyl Siding
Gas Meter
1st Tier Automotive

Equipment Specifications

Hurco VM-30 Vertical CNC Milling Center 20 Station Tool Magazine
10,000 RPM Spindle
Travel of X-Axis 50"
Y-Axis 20"
Z-Axis 20".
Mori Seiki MV-45 Vertical CNC Milling Center 24 Station Tool Magazine
Travel: X-Axis 30", Y-Axis 17.7", Z-Axis 19.7"
Mori Seiki MV-55 Vertical Milling Center 24 Station Tool Magazine
Travel: X-Axis 40", Y-Axis 21.7", Z-Axis 21.7"
Mitsubishi Model FX20 - Wire EDM Auto Wire Feed
Axes: 4
Maximum Weight: 1764 lbs
Work Envelope: X-Axis 19.2, Y-Axis 13.8, Z-Axis 11.8
Mitsubishi Model DWC110 C2 - Wire EDM Axes: 4
Maximum Weight: 1100 lbs
Work Envelope: X-Axis 11.8, Y-Axis 17.7, Z-Axis 10.0

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