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Manufacturing a Fully Automated Packaging System for the Vinyl Siding Industry

Manufacturing a Fully Automated Packaging System for the Vinyl Siding Industry
Manufacturing a Fully Automated Packaging System for the Vinyl Siding Industry

K-Ter Imagineering Inc. constructed this fully automated packaging system for vinyl siding. We are justifiably proud of this packaging system, it is the first of its kind capable of a production rate of 60 boxes of vinyl siding per hour. The fully automated inspection and packaging system slashes labor costs, boosts quality and increases packaging speed because it automates every aspect of the inspection and packaging process. For example, it separates out, rejects and removes the defective parts. It counts the siding pieces and stacks the siding panels in nested stacks prior to placing them in the boxes, which it then closes and seals with hot-melt glue. After applying the labels, the automated packaging system stacks and palletizes the boxes. To ensure employee safety, the packaging system is fully guarded, even though operators never have to touch the siding or the boxes. The system can handle a wide range of products and change-overs can be completed in just 10 minutes.

Well aware of the need for an accurate, robust and reliable fully automated packaging system, we developed the concept and moved onto the 3D CAD design and construction of the machine without a specific customer in mind. Starting with a vision and concept, the design, construction and PLC programming where all done in house. For more information on the processes, capabilities and materials we leveraged to build this fully automated packaging system, please see the chart below. Feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions.

Highlights of this Fully Automated Packaging System for the Vinyl Siding Industry

Product Description This system is used to automatically package and inspect vinyl siding.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
We developed this 100% from concept to design to manufacturing.
Manual and CNC Milling, Lathe Turnings, Hand Assembly
Labor reduction
Boxes don't have to be stacked by hand in special magazines
Operators never touch the siding
Fully guarded
Package a wide range of products
Can change over in ten minutes
Piece Count is always correct
Finish with straight square boxes
Automatically pull the box from a bulk stack of boxes
Feed Boxes
Stacks siding panels in a nested stack
Closes and seals boxes with hot melt glue
Applies labels and palletizes the boxes
Separates out bad parts 
Up to 60 boxes per hour
Vision System to Detect Surface Defects
System Will Automatically Reject Bad Parts
Overall Part Dimensions Finished boxes that range from 4.5-9.5"T x 9.5-14.5"W x 12' to 12' 1/2"L
Tightest Tolerances .001"
Material Used Structural Steels, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Lexan, UHMW, Aluminum Bronze.
Material Finish Powder Coating, Cadmium Plating, Anodize Plating
Industry for Use Vinyl Siding Industry
Volume Production rates up to 60 boxes per hour
Delivery/Turnaround Time 6-8 Months
Standards Met None
Product Name Fully Automated Packaging System
Why did you choose this project to show case? This is the first and only truly successful automatic packaging system. Others have been built but never reached targeted production rates and where ultimately scrapped out very quickly.

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